InfraRed members include over 20 independent, feminist, cooperative, anti-fascist and alternative service providers from 19 different regions that have come together in solidarity to support one another in our shared work. Our network exists to facilitate communication, transparency, and collaboration on shared projects among the members, while also affirming the autonomy of each organization.

Our organizations work from different geographic areas in the world and serve different communities, but we hold a common drive to put power into the hands of the people we support. Technology provides increasing ways for communities and organizations to communicate, share knowledge and organize. At the same time, capitalism has prioritized the development of technology that harms the environment, exploits workers, and extends the reach of those who most benefit from social inequality. Technology is used by corporations and nation-states to sort us, track us, silence us, imprison us, and commodify our most intimate insecurities.

The service providers of InfraRed believe in rewriting how technology is used. We believe that technology can be used to fight patriarchy, white supremacy, racism, economic inequality, and other forms of social injustice when technology development and use are grounded in the needs of the humans and social movements we work with every day.

As technology continues to evolve rapidly, our organizations face daunting challenges of capacity, sustainability, labor, and security. We pledge to face these challenges together, through shared projects, information sharing, and coordination. We commit to overcome barriers of country, gender, language, and financial resources among our members. We commit to prioritize the work and knowledge of women, people of color, people of indigenous/first nation/native communities, and other social groups excluded from access, control, and creation of technology.

Our work together is comprised of four project areas:

Solidarity: we will work to support our organizations and the people who run them through financial assistance, networking and training events, and organizational development.

User and Social Movement Engagement: we will create feedback loops with our users and social movements to ensure that the technical work we do is informed by their experience and meeting their actual needs.

Technology Platform: we will create a shared platform that allows participating service providers to maintain their infrastructure using the best practices for security, automation, scalability, and reliability.

Shared Infrastructure: we will create shared resources for infrastructure deployment, software development, and threat mitigation.